Fedback for Jacqui Joyce:

'She is my mediator of choice.'

'I would have no hesitation in reccommending Jacqui'

'Jacqui is generally regarded as the best mediator for property disputes. Our experience confirmed that reputation.'

'The combination of her personality, intellect and speed enable her to keep the parties engaged with her whilst forcing candid in depth reality testing of their position.'

'An excellent service'

'Jacqui took the angst out of a dispute where emotions were running high and helped the parties reach a sensible solution which could never have been reached in Court.'

'She was excellent'

'Good at handling difficult litigants'

'I found that Jacqui prepared thoroughly for the mediation, was willing to listen to the parties' concerns, was proactive in encouraging settlement discussions and pragmatic in dealing wth the expectations of the parties as to the eventual outcome. I would certainly use her services again.'

'That was a perfect example of how mediation can work. We would never have achieved that without you'

'Jacqui was an enthusiastic, friendly and effective mediator who charmed my client and helped resolve the dispute by 5pm. It was a good advertisement for the mediation process and I have a satisfied client.'

'Jacqui brings unprecedented levels of energy and commitment to the process of finding a solution that the parties can all say yes to'

Jacqui was 'very effective and impressive'

'My client left the mediation feeling a fair result had been achieved, thanks to Jacqui's diplomacy'

'Good upbeat attitude and did not give in on achieving the goal and purpose of the day'

'The mediator had a monumental task due to the strong feelings between the parties and the number of issues, but she was calm and confident throughout'

Jacqui is 'widely regarded as the best property law mediator'

'I was impressed by Jacqui's ability to move the parties from seemingly entrenched positions without losing their trust'

'First class'

'We all liked your approach - a breath of fresh air'

'Friendly calm attitude...very well prepared'

'Dealt with complex issues in a straightforward manner'

'Friendly calm attitude...very well prepared'

'Kept the process moving at a good pace despite the wide disparities between the parties'

'Jacqui is a committed and expert property mediator who has the ability to move a dispute toward a resolution being able to navigate complex issues with ease. She deftly juggles opportunities for participants to generate innovative solutions along with sensitivites of the participants situations'